Thank you for helping beta test this site!

We have 100+ listings in the directory! *high fives*

I tweaked the front page and added the beta directory and calendar to the menu system. I'll be working to get this thing ready for 'official' launch before the end of the month. Please continue your awesome contributing-ness. (And please let me know your t-shirt size!)

Our mission is to showcase our communities and the recreation & destination opportunities we offer via a user-friendly & mobile-friendly website.

Our focus is VISITORS.

The Discover Lake Whitney Directory is a complimentary service for tourism-related businesses. In my mind, sites that list only businesses/services/events that have PAID to be listed are not really useful for anyone. It is my intent that there will never be a fee associated with being listed on this site--that's not what the site is about. I do hope that the site can eventually pay for itself with advertising, but for the moment I just want to get something really useful online. 

If it's something YOU would find useful on a tourism website if you were visiting, say, Ashtabula Ohio, it's probably in line with what we want to feature on this site.

There are a few other Lake Whitney websites. I've linked two in the footer of the site. Our goal is to foster tourism, so if this site isn't the best resource for someone's needs, I want to point them to other resources rather than lose them completely.